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There are too view, if not entirely none at all, online resources about this
game, so I thought of writing a simple guide to help beginner players about
the this and that of Tantra Online. I won't provide the best stats thingies,
as it depends on your own creativity to create your very own character (i.e,
a wizard with strong physical attack, who knows? :P), but due to request, I
will include some examples of builds for each class.
TANTRA ONLINE OFFICIAL WEBSITES: http://tantra.gamenetworks.com/
Section 0 : Some Important Facts To Know For Beginners
- This game uses unique Muscle, Nerve, Heart, and Spirit stats, unlike the
usual STR, DEX, etc. While overall it does the same thing, for certain class
it could have a different effect. Heart raises HP and TP(MP) for all classes,
but only raise HP for Deva/Garuda, f.i.
- Nerve affects Accuracy and Evasion, so the higher its value, the more chance
you will inflict extra damage and the more enemy's attacks you will evade.
Is that true?
If you play Ragnarok Online and expect it to be the same as building Sins or
AGI Knights with high dodge-rate, then forget it. No matter how high your
Evasion is, you'll still get hit pretty often, and no matter how high your
Accuracy, you won't get it all critical like those Crit Assassins in Ragnarok
Online. Just to keep in mind.
- Deva/Garuda is the only class that gets benefits from Spirit, so if you're
picking other class, forget about Spirit. (may change in future?)

- Naga/Kimanara = Satvan >> Satya/Banar
Ashura/Rakshasa = Duvanta >> Karya/Druka
Yaksa/Ghandarva = Nirvana >> Vidya/Nakayuda
Deva/Garuda = Mantrika >> Abikara/Samabat
- Your skills will be reset when you change to the 2nd class, so before that,
you're free to mess up your skills to try your setups :P.
You have to be at Level 10 to change class, then Level 45 to change to 2nd
class. You need to be at Level 30 to choose your God, and after that you can create.

- The SKILL CRITICAL DAMAGE TRIGGER ... or whatever everyone call it. If you
pay close attention to your enemies while they are attacking, you will
occassionally see some kind of purple whirl-aura circling around the enemy.
When you see that, quickly hit it with your most damaging skill for DOUBLE

I.1.1. About
This is the common Knight/Warrior class of all common RPGs; rely on great
physical strength and hit points to let them survive long enough on close
combats. Main feats of Nagas/Kimnaras would be their high defense rating,
high damaging skills, and ability to tackle a mob by themselves.
Naga/Kimnara can use Swords, 2-handed Swords, Axes, 2-handed Axes, Spears,
and Shields.

I.1.2. Stat Points/Chakra
Common Naga/Kimnara would depend on Muscle and Heart only, as they need no
Spirit and don't need Nerve all that much, which make the chakra distribution
a bit easy.
Initial Stats : Muscle 12, Nerve 10, Heart 11, Spirit 10
Muscle : +1(1/3) ATK, +(1/3) DEF
Nerve : +1 Evasion, +1 Accuracy, +(1/5) DEF
Heart : +11 Hit points, +5 TP
Spirit : +1/3 Resistance

I.2.1. About
In other RPGs, this would be the Rogue/Thief class, with standard weapons of
choice to be daggers and bows but able to use two-handed swords and shields.
Probably the most favored class, especially the bow-wielding Ashura/Rakshasa
(which I have no love for since Hunters era in RO >_<)
Ashura/Rakshasa can use Daggers, Swords, 2-handed Swords, Bows, and Shield.

I.2.2. Stat Points/Chakra
As any other melee-oriented characters, Heart is a must to keep your charac-
ter breathing long enough in a combat. And as would be Muscle for your damage
and defense rating.
Initial Stats : Muscle 11, Nerve 12, Heart 10, Spirit 10
Muscle : +1(1/3) ATK, +(1/3) DEF
Nerve : +1 Evasion, +1 Accuracy, +(1/5) DEF, +1(1/3) ATK for Bow
Heart : +5 Hitpoints, +5 TP
Spirit : +1/3 Resistance
I.3.1. About
Yaksa/Gandarva are Monks/Cleric type; characters with healing and supportive
powers. Another favoured class because they're strong as support and tanker,
and also as fighters, although you can't get both at the same time. As tank
and support, Y/Gs have reasonably high hit points, good defense, faster HP
regen skill, and healing skill. As fighter, they have good-damaging combos,
combined with fast attacking speed, and the above mentioned support skills.
And for some reasons, Yaksa/Gandarva have a good TP recovery rate.
Yaksa/Gandarva can use War-gloves, Maces, and Shields.

I.3.2. Stat Points/Chakra
Most Yaksa/Gandarva would have a high HP, then Muscle and Nerve depending on
your weapon. War-glove users would want to invest some Nerve, but mace users
would favor much more Muscles than Nerves. Go figure.
Initial Stats : Muscle 11, Nerve 11, Heart 11, Spirit 10
Muscle : +1(1/3) ATK, +(1/3) DEF
Nerve : +1 Evasion, +1 Accuracy, +1/5 DEF, +1(1/3) ATK for War-gloves
Heart : +5 Hitpoints, +5 TP
Spirit : +x resistance
I.3.3. Skills
I.3.3.1. Attack Skills
1. Fist Mastery
~Pre-Req : Lvl.1
~Level : 1-10
~Function : Raises damage of war-gloves by +2 per skill level.
~Cast-Delay : Passive skill.
~Comment : A maximum additional 20 to damage in exchange for other
useful skills? Go figure.
Note: it is said that numbers in weapon mastery are percents,
so it may be actually useful if your initial attack is good.
I.4.1. About
The Mage/Wizard, and nuff said. Of all classes, Deva/Garuda doesn't need
aid for element resistance because after level 40 (or probably less), you'll
have 100 resistance on all element, and it's a maximum value.
Deva/Garuda can use Staffs, 2-handed Staffs, and Shield.
As far as my inspection sees it, weapon's ATK rate doesn't really affect
Deva/Garuda's magic damage. I tried comparing Vartan's Strong Sword and a
Zalas (much higher level 1-handed staff), the damage was more and less the
same. Holding a 2-handed staff will give better damage, while holding nothing
at all was the least damage (but has the coolest casting animation). SO,
unless you really love to see glowing weapon, upgrading your staffs really
isn't necessary.

I.4.2. Stat Points/Chakra
You should only concern about Spirit, but don't forget to add some Hearts to
keep your Deva/Garuda alive in case your target ever gets too close to you.
Initial Stats : Muscle 10, Nerve 10, Heart 10, Spirit 13
Muscle : +1(1/3) ATK, +(1/3) DEF
Nerve : +1 Evasion, +1 Accuracy, +(1/5) DEF, +xx Magic ATK
Heart : +5 Hitpoints
Spirit : +5 TP, +xx Magic ATK, +x resistance
1. Increase chance to successfully create Azis *or better stone*
Well this isn't actually a sure thing, but it seldom failed in my experience
doing it. But don't blame me if you lost your precious illas >:)
NOTE: IT'S NOT GUARANTEED! Try it at your own risk!
Here's how to do it:
Say you want to create Azis from Illa. Bring the needed Illa to the NPC
in Jina, but instead of choosing create 1 Azis from 2 Illa, choose create
1 Illa from 5 Dipa Illa. Since you're not carrying Dipa Illa, it will say
that you don't have the needed item. Keep clicking on it until about 15
times or so (the more the better) so your message window will be flooded
by failed attempt, then choose the correct option. Don! You get your Azis.
The idea is to falsely choose the combining option until many times, then
choose the right one after that.

2. Increase chance of upgrade
Unfortunately, chances are still chances and mostly they suck when it comes
to upgrading. So, better save up some money to buy upgraded equipments from
other players rather than stress yourself trying to upgrade yours. =P


Frequently Asked and Answers:

Q: How to use my character's skills?
A: To use skills, you have to place it in the shortcut box and then press the
matching number. (i.e, press 1 for Cure HP if you place Cure HP in slot
number 1 in the shortcut box)
Q: Why can't I pick up items?
A: The items belong to someone else. Even though you kill a monster, sometimes
someone else had attacked the monster before you (and died or fled in the
process) and the drops are considered his/hers. Just wait for a few seconds
and you'll be able to pick it up.

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