Miner Wars: A New and Awesome Looking MMO:

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Miner Wars:


Miner Wars is a 6DOF underground and space shooter played in a fully destructible environment and is a combination of single player story game and MMO.

As a player, you operate an advanced mining ship in an open world asteroid belt area. You dig kilometers of tunnels, harvest the ore, travel the solar system, fight your enemies and discover deep secrets.

Game play is led by an epic story and is a combination of a single/multi-player game, cooperative, or you against everyone.

The story will introduce you to many types of missions: rescue, exploration, revenge, base defense, theft, transportation, stealth, search and destroy, pure harvesting, racing or just flying around and destroying everything you see.

Platform: Windows, Xbox 360 Live Arcade


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Well, this sounds fun

Well, this sounds fun actually. I think that it would be a cool sci-fi/fantasy game to add to my MMO repetoire. I already play a game called Ryzom that lets me mine on the planet's surface. Why not do some digging on an asteroid belt?

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