Forgotten Crimson Legion-Multi Game Guild-LOTRO and Stargate Worlds

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Forgotten Crimson Legion

Stories have told of a legion that resides in every world,a protective and powerful legion dressed in red or dark clothing protecting cities and the peoples of the world.It has since been forgotten,but it was called the Crimson Legion,named after its founder in Middle Earth, Nethra Crimson.

Now in Middle Earth,his son Linsarion Crimson and his wife Linairya Crimson fight to rebuilt the Forgotten Crimson Legion.

Word has spread that there is another person who is trying to build a legion very similar to Nethras.Words such as "stargate" have spread around.No one knows where this info is coming from.If there is another legion being built somewhere in the galaxy than they can work together in fighting the evils in the worlds.

Join this ancient and powerful legion!

We are a multi game guild that currently plays Lord of the Rings Online,we play on the Firefoot server.We will also play Stargate Worlds when it comes out.
We are currently looking for fun people to join our Guild,
Everyone is welcome to join as long as you have some maturity(no stupid character names)
dont be afraid to join,we are beginner friendly,role play friendly, and friendly to all gamers.

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