[AD] BuLLermuMU Season 6 Exp 9999 Box in shop

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http://bulletmu.biz (Free Credit MuOnline) SEASON6 E2 EXP 999999 IN SHOPS EXC ITEMS, ALL JEWELS, WINGS, BOX OF KUNDUM! FROM EVENTS DROP ITEMS +15 FO PPL 40/50 YOU CAN GET FREE CREDITS: VOTE REWARD 2000 CREDITS PER DAY EVERY MOUNTH FREE 10000 100 ONLINE HOURS =25,000 CREDITS AND MORE MORE... HTTP://BULLETMU.BIZ Balansed Characters (Perfect PvP) Over 1500 Costume Items Over 60 Costume Quests New Ancient Items GENS System BotPet Hardware Specifications : We host our servers on dedicated computers available 24/7 with highest internet connection possible. # Intel Xeon QuadCores - 8 x 3.00 Ghz # 12 GB DDR3 1333 Mhz # Windows Server 2008 # Connection: 100 mbit CUSTOM COMMANDS for BETTER PLAY: /post - Global Chat for all users /addstr /addene /addvit /addagi - Adds stats easier ingame /pkclear - Turns back to non-pk character. /ware - Switches between multiple warehouses GREAT EVENTS AVAILABLE Castle Siege - Each week on Saturday (Anu and Talo) and Sunday (Nebo) Devil Square Blood Castle Chaos Castle Golden Invasion White Wizzard Invasion Kanturu (Nightmare and Maya) Imperial Fort Double Goer - DoppleGanger Duel Arena Game Master Events Forum Events (Event Sections)

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