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Acolytes Mission Statement

The Acolytes are multi mmo gaming community and we have just recently opened a branch for Warhammer Online. Yes, we know that the release dates are still quite a ways off, but we are trying to get a good core of people started off early, developing friendships and bonds, tactics and plans, so that we as a whole will be better prepared to take on what both worlds have to throw at us.

Our goal from the very beginning, will to be a mature and active guild, that and to have fun at what we do. We also plan to do our part to continue the ongoing story behind both games. We willparticipating in PVP, and we plan on taking down our enemies with no looking back!

We will be playing the Destruction side of the conflict, and plan on having certain objectives for our guild and it's members, so that we all can be as successful as possible.

We expect all Acolyte members to treat each other in a courteous and respectful manner at all times. People join this guild to help one another, to have fun, and to form long lasting friendships; therefore, it can only be assumed that a friendly attitude is desired towards all fellow guild mates, it's allies and the game itself.

Everyone from around the world are more then welcome to join the ranks of The Acolytes. Currently we have a wide variety of Americans, various other Europeans, Australians, Norwegians, Canadians and even a few Texans in our guild, and our membership is open to everyone who wishes to apply and pass the 10 day trial period. Our first and foremost objective however will be PvP, but all playstyles will be welcome. Roleplay is encouraged, but by no means required.

If you're interested in reading more or applying please visit the Recruitment Section here on our forums: interview with Redruum (Leader) here:

You will find step by step guides.

Any questions just post here, PM, visit our forums or pop on IRC for a chat!

Membership & Participation

We are looking for mature players who are willing to join the Acolytes. We want people who love to play MMO's and want to have fun while playing! It will be a requirement to be on our Ventrilo server when the game launches for large scale PvP battles and/or raids.

The Acolytes also require that you have somewhat of a unique name. Names with numbers and phrases will not be allowed, other then that let your imagination run wild for the most part. We encourage our members to be on as much as they can to help progress their character and the guild.

We will have a lot of members that are on a lot, but we realize there are more important things in life then gaming. We want our members to enjoy themselves while they are immersing themselves in AoC.

If our guild can accomplish that, people will want to be around as much as possible. If you feel that you would be a good fit, please finish reading the rest of the required information on our forums and submit your application at the end.

Character Names

As stated at least two places within our documentation, character names are required to respect the likely rules for an RPPvP server. It is a bit early to have the actual rules themselves, but as other MMO RP server rule sets indicate, they are normally pretty much the same. For mere help on deciding on a name click here.

Don't use:

* Common modern names such as Bob
* Names comprised of multiple words (Nounverb, Verbnoun, Adjectivenounverbnoun etc.)
* Mis-spelled yet obvious words
* Names specific to well known historical or modern day celebrities, political, religious figures
* Names that will obviously be offensive to a specific group of people
* Names which are one letter off or very similar to established character names

After you have Applied:

To make your trial period go as smoothly as possible we have listed below some helpful tips.

* Your character’s name must be of some type of RP name or your application will be on hold until a more appropriate one is chosen.
* The application itself must be filled out correctly with both the questions and answers, preferably in different colors as this makes it easier to read.
* Sloppy and/or “leet” themed applications will be rejected promptly. The Acolytes pride themselves on maturity and cohesiveness, if you wish to be a part of this group, a well constructed application is necessary.
* If several parts of the application are viewed as substandard then your application will not be processed, please make every effort to present a quality application the first time you submit it.
* The Acolytes believe in team building and mutual respect, well do not tolerate those who bring unnecessary drama and tension within our guild.
* Please try and have your application filled out properly the first time you submit it. Incomplete and/or non profession applications have been and will continue to be rejected by the Recruitment Officer.

Recruitment Process

Every single new recruit must read the required information and then fill out and submit application. One of our Recruitment Officers will find your application and will start your trial period. Also they will upgrade your forum rank to Apprentice. This will allow to you access more forums, but still restrict you from our members area.

Your trial period will last 10 days. During those days our members will read your application. Some of them will post a good luck wish or even want to ask you a question. In the mean time you can browse our forums. You can post questions you might have, show off your knowledge of the game lore, in sort getting familiar with our guild and our members. Also you can socialize with our members on Ventrilo or our IRC Channel. It is highly suggested that an applicant be active in chat, an applicant that posts and isn't seen since is... less than likely to be admitted, we want active members.

During your trial period our Senior Members and Officers will vote yes or no. They will base their vote on any combination of the following factors:

* Overall layout of your Application
* Content of your Application
* Quantity of your Forum Posts
* Quality of your Forum Posts
* How well they got to know you as a person
* Your MMO Experience

This doesn't imply you should flood our forums or present yourself as the founding father of Nilihum, just be yourself. When the number of yes-votes exceeds the number of no-votes after those 10 days, you will be granted membership of the Acolytes.
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