Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars is a free, online, browser-based game action game.
Tribal Wars: A Fun and Rewarding MMORPG Game
Tribal Wars is a 2D browser based MMO strategy game that takes place in the Middle Ages. Each player will have control over a small village and your goal will be to help it to grow and prosper. You will have enemies that you’ll need to watch out for and take down in order to accomplish your goals. When you take down your enemies you prove that you are a worthy opponent but you need to be aware that not everyone will be your enemy.

You can make friends with other villages and players while forming allies to help you reach your goals and this is recommended. One way to this is by trading in the market place and you can also visit the forum at where you can make friends outside the game. When you expand your social network and form alliances with other players, it will help you play the game better.

Not only will you be making new friends but you’ll also improve your chances of being a success. Another advantage to getting to know some of the other players is the fact that some of them can provider you with tips that may take you a long time to learn on your own.

It’s your job to work with the villagers and help them learn and grow so your village will prosper. Take care of their physical needs, help them build buildings, work the farms and leave instructions for them to follow when you’re not available. Tribal Wars is consider a fighting game that comes highly recommended by gamers who love action and having the opportunity to be a part of such a fun and exciting community is very rewarding. 
Tribal WarsTribal WarsTribal WarsTribal WarsTribal Wars
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