RockFREE is a free-to-play MMO game published by Acclaim.

Publisher: Acclaim

Platform: Browser

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RockFREE Free-to-Play MMO Game Review

Fans of other music based MMO games like Osu!, Frets on Fire, Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero will find that RockFree is a great alternative for those who don’t have a lot of time to put into other music games. RockFree is a free to play 2D MMO browser based game that has tons of music tracks that you can play through and even offers you the ability to upload your own music tracks. Being able to rock out to your own music is one of the best aspects of this game not to mention it’s free to play.

Uploading your own tracks isn’t the only thing that this online game offers. Players can customize their own characters, earn achievements and leveling up unlocks new cloths and other accessories. Players will have to go through a rather lengthy tutorial before they can start playing and will have to reach a certain level before they can compete in multiplayer matches but for the dedicated fans it’s worth it. Players are given the chance to level up by earning more of a fan base. The more fans you have the better you’re going to be.

Acclaim, the publisher, offers fans the chance to join them on Facebook for updates, news, leader boards and many other features. Leaderboards are another great feature of this game that players really enjoy. You will be given the opportunity to see how you compare to other players online. This is great for those who are really competitive and want to show off how well they can rock out.

There are few drawbacks to this free to play rocker. Some of the top complaints are the lag and disconnection issues associated with multiplayer matches. Another is that players have to keep playing in order to keep premium tracks and certain cloths and accessories. For those looking for a great free alternative to music based MMOs, RockFree is the game for you.

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