Rappelz is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Publisher: Gala-Net

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://rappelz.gpotato.com

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Rappelz 3D Fantasy Game
Rappelz MMORPG game was developed by a Korean company called nFlavor and published by several companies including Gala-Net Inc, which is a company in California. This 3D Fantasy game takes place in a medieval world dominated by three races, which are called the Gaia, Deva and the Asura.

The Gaia race consists of humans that have a kinship with nature and they start out as Rogues. Deva represent light and begin as Guides. The Asura represent darkness and begin as Steppers. After you reach level 10, you can choose a more exact profession for your character which includes becoming a mage, warrior or pet summoner. However, the game does not provide this information so if you don’t already know a little something about the characters, you’ll need to research the game to determine which one you want to choose.

Each character starts out on Trainee’s Island where you run quests to start leveling up your character before moving on through the game. Once you reach level 10 and have completed the class transfer quest, you can use the teleporter to go to the town where your character’s race is located. After level 20, you can teleport back to Trainee’s Island.

This MMORPG includes pets that travel with your character and they can even aid in battle. They have many roles to fill and come in a wide variety to choose from. As your character’s level goes up so will your pet’s and they have the ability to learn different skills. Rappelz does use a guild system and it has lots of action and fighting to keep you entertained. Guilds can also join together to form alliances but no more than five guilds can be joined together at any given time.  
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