Project Powder

Project Powder is a free to play MMO snowboarding game published by Outspark.

Publisher: Outspark

Platform: PC Windows

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Project Powder: 3D Racing Action longer title to force overflow
Do you like racing MMO games? Do you love sports mini games? You will enjoy Project Powder 3D snowboaring action. Some will call Project Powder a borderline MMO. Much like Guild Wars and similar games, it breaks the mold, crossing the line into two different genres.

While it’s played online, this exciting snowboarding game has features of an MMO like a skill tree and player avatars but it also has single player features. Another unique feature to the game is the ability to PvP and for player avatars to meet together in a centralized location before a race.

Project Powder, from Outspark, has all the makings of a great action sports game. You can experience downhill snowboarding at its best and even compete against real players online. You can customize your avatar which gives you more control over what features and skills your snowboarder has.

It’s the type of game you can sit down at once and pick up on easily which is another reason why it is so popular. There are three game modes for you to experience: battle, coin and race. Each has a unique player experience that you will pick up on quickly even if you’re new to games of this type.

One of the great things about Project Powder is that the game is very forgiving. If you mess up, you can just get picked up and put back on the track again. This is great to help you learn until you become a more experienced player.

While it has some bugs like any free to play game, Project Powder is an awesome, unique MMORPG-like 3D action sports game. If you love racing and/or snowboarding games, you’re going to love this one. 
Project PowderProject PowderProject PowderProject PowderProject Powder
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