Perfect World


Perfect World features four races, each with two exclusive classes, bringing the total of eight classes that players can choose from. Each race has unique characteristics, begin in different areas of Chunghoon, and undertake different quests.

Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment

Platform: PC Windows

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Top Free MMORPG Choice: Perfect World
Perfect World is one of the most popular MMORPGs of our time and more and more gamers are beginning to see why. This is a fantasy 3D action MMORPG that can be played online. It’s free-to-play which means not only is there no cost to purchase the game but there is also no monthly membership cost to continue playing it.

Developed by Beijing Perfect World and designed specifically for Microsoft Windows platform, the game was originally released in China and is now available to North America and other international audiences. Players are able to choose from three races with two race-specific classes.

When it comes to a good MMORPG, different players will have different options on what constitutes a great all-around game. Perfect World attempts to deliver in as many of these different areas as possible. It combines combat with leveling, crafting and the social elements that make a great massively multiplayer online role play game. It’s also good on even low to mid-class computers systems so you don’t need the latest and greatest system to run it well.

Perfect World has great graphics for a free to play (F2P) MMORPG and it has quest oriented game play to keep you busy and help you level your characters more quickly. Another benefit is that it comes with regular and flying mounts which many other MMORPG fans (such as World of Warcraft players) will be familiar with. Not only are these a great way to get around within the game but they’re also a lot of fun.

Perfect World has a great storyline and there are even some parts where if you don’t read carefully, you might miss something and struggle to complete a quest or task. There is also a great level of detail in the game, making it great for those who want more than the simple cookie-cutter MMOs that are so popular today.

Whether you’re new to free to play MMOs or just looking for a new massively multiplayer online game that won’t break the bank, Perfect World is a top-notch choice. The best part: you can try it yourself today and you’ve lost nothing if you decide it’s not for you.


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