MLB Dugout Heroes

MLB Dugout Heroes is a massive multiplayer online baseball game for the PC. MLB Dugout Heroes was created by WiseCat, a Korean based game developer.

Publisher: OnNet USA and Neowiz

Platform: PC Windows

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MLB Dugout Heroes Review
MLB Dugout Heroes MMO sports game is a fun, well-designed Free-to-Play Major League baseball game that is taking sport fans by surprise. The developers that created this MMORPG made it simpler than many of the previous ones. In this virtual world sports game, you’ll need to pick you team and then you’ll be separated according to your rank because you will be playing against other humans not the computer.

Don’t worry if you’ve never played this type of MMORPG in the past because this unique design has made it simple enough for most anyone to play. It follows the same rules as a real live game and players will need to be rotated when they become tired and worn down. This can be done by calling a time-out.

You’ll use your mouse to bat and you have the option of using a bunt, normal swing or a power swing. Use “Q” and “E” on the keyboard to advance or retreat when running bases and for cutting off throws. The mouse is used to select the pitch and for the pitching meter.  

The animation is smooth and the graphics are decent but the audio has a lot to be desired. It’s considered a very entertaining game that allows you to engage in the world of baseball in a unique and exciting way.

It may still have a few flaws (as all baseball games of this nature have) but this 3D game rises above these flaws and performs well. As far as minigames go, it’s one of the best. Although the graphics are a bit cartoonish they are still vibrant with good animation and overall, it’s entertaining and the players are friendly and pleasant.  
MLB Dugout HeroesMLB Dugout HeroesMLB Dugout HeroesMLB Dugout HeroesMLB Dugout HeroesMLB Dugout HeroesMLB Dugout HeroesMLB Dugout HeroesMLB Dugout HeroesMLB Dugout Heroes
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