The Hunter

theHunter (aka The Hunter) is an online-activated hunting first-person computer game.

Publisher: Emote Games

Platform: PC Windows

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The Hunter: It’s Much More than Just an MMO Game

The Hunter MMO is not just any ordinary game; it’s much more. In fact, many gamers consider it the most realistic MMO hunting game you can find online. You may start with an avatar that was randomly selected and a beginner’s hunting license but from here, you have many options to advance and become an excellent hunter.

The name says a lot about this online sports game and captures the essence of what it has to offer because it’s all about the hunt. It doesn’t matter what style hunter or shooter you are, the game allows for flexibility so you can choose the style that suits you the best.

You have the option of going outside the game and creating a “FaceBook-esque” profile page. Here, you can share your experiences and trophies with others who enjoy online hunting as much as you do. The community feature of the game takes place on The Hunter’s website. When visiting the community you can receive all types of tips for the game ranging from where the best places to go hunting would be to how to track your target.

When you’re ready to actually hunt, you need to go to a separate downloadable client. One of the most popular places to visit is the Evergreen Hunting Reserve. Once here, you start out by choosing your weapons and other neccesarities and you’re ready to set out on your adventure.

This 3D sports MMO game has amazing graphics so you can explore an incredible wilderness that provides extremely rewarding hunts. The downside is that it’s not for the impatient but if you’re a true hunter, you already know that “patience is a virtue”. One thing is for sure, The Hunter can provide you with an experience that no other game of this nature can provide. 

The HunterThe HunterThe HunterThe HunterThe Hunter
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