Flyff (Fly for Fun) is a fantasy MMORPG by Korean development company Aeonsoft.

Publisher: Gala-Net

Platform: PC Windows

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Fly For Fun (Flyff): Great MMORPG Fun for Girls
Fly for Fun (Flyff) is a great girls’ MMORPG fantasy 3D action game with tons to do. You start off as a vagrant when you create your own in-game avatar. Once you reach level 15, you have the option to choose from one of four jobs. Then when you reach level 20, you can buy a flying broom or a skateboard and you can check out the game from the sky as well as travel faster.

This MMORPG has a high player base, medium graphics and tons to do. The large, active player base is one thing that makes it popular. It has a great equipment system and a large game world so there is plenty to explore.

The main downside to Flyff is that leveling is based mainly around grinding. There are limited quests and the ones that do exist are weak. There is also limited character customization so you will find many people who look like you as you travel around the world.

However, all in all, it’s a great, fun game that can be quite addicting. You can choose from acrobat, assist, magician and mercenary in the beginning. As you level up your character, you will be presented with more opportunities to specialize your job choices according to the first job class you chose.

This is a popular game for girls due to the graphics and the cutesy appearance of the avatars and NPCs (non-playing characters) but it is not limited to girls. Many guys also find their own fun in Fly for Fun and it’s clean fun for people of all ages.
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