Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious is a browser-based 2D racing MMO game based on the Fast & Furious film with Vin Diesel.

Publisher: Stillfront AB

Platform: Browser

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Fast and Furious Browser Game: 2D Action in a Free Game
Fast and Furious MMO racing browser game is an action packed adventure for free. If fast cars and street racing is something you find fascinating, then you’ll love this high intensity 2D MMO action game. This free to play web browser game allows players from all over the globe to compete against each other in street racing.

Much like real life, the garage is where you’ll build, modify and paint your car. Here you can add parts, eliminate parts, tune up your car or simply repair any damage that it endures throughout your adventures when racing. While your car is in the garage, you obviously can’t race. However, you can purchase tools to reduce the amount of time spent in the garage so you can get back out on the streets faster.

When playing this Fast and Furious browser game your goal will be to gain as much respect as possible. After all, the key element in speed racing is respect and you simple can’t get anywhere without out. The way to do this is by winning as many races as you can, keep your car equipped with stylish parts and have good stats.

With more visual effects and less text to worry with, you couldn’t find a more exciting 2D MMO action game that you can play for free. The street racing function allows you to interact with other players so you can hold conversations with them and challenge them to a race allowing you to show off your talents.  
Fast and FuriousFast and FuriousFast and FuriousFast and FuriousFast and Furious
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