Ether Saga Online

Ether Saga Online (commonly abbreviated as ESO), is a free to play MMORPG developed by Perfect World Entertainment.

Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website:

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Ether Saga Online
Ether Saga Online MMORPG game is what happens when you take Perfect World, MapleStory and Pokemon and slam them together. For a free to play MMORPG this game is a must try for any fans of the genre. The game was released in July of 2009 and has gathered quite the fan base. For anyone who’s played MapleStory or Perfect World will see the similarities in the game style. Perfect World Entertainment is the publisher so it’s no surprise it will feel like playing Perfect World.

The game itself is rich in graphics and for a free to play MMORPG, it is amazing especially on high graphics. The game offers players many different races and classes along with pets. The pet system, much like Pokemon, is really what drives this game forward. Each player starts with a pet at level one and continues to level it up as they play.

The starting races you can choose from are:
  • Renzu
  • Shenzu
  • Yaoh

While the starting classes are:
  • Dragoon
  • Rogue
  • Mystic
  • Ranger
  • Conjurer
  • Shaman

Much of the classes play out like other MMOs that also have the same type of classes. Dragoons are tanks with heavy armor. Rogues use daggers, wear medium armor and use poisons. Mystics cast heals and buffs. Rangers are ranged damage based and use bows. Conjurers are your offensive casting class and Shamans are secondary tanks and healers.

Ether Saga Online offers any MMORPG fan something to enjoy. While being free to play is a great reason to pick it up the story line is just as good a reason. Ether Saga Online was given a very in depth story line that follows popular Chinese folk lore Journey to the West. Players will be able to enjoy great graphics, game play and story line all for free from Perfect World Entertainment. 
Ether Saga OnlineEther Saga OnlineEther Saga OnlineEther Saga OnlineEther Saga OnlineEther Saga OnlineEther Saga OnlineEther Saga OnlineEther Saga OnlineEther Saga Online

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