Drift City

Drift City is a Korean-developed nonlinear driving MMO game published by GamesCampus.

Publisher: GamesCampus

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://driftcity.gamescampus.com

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Drift City Offers 3D Racings in an MMO-Type Setting
When you’re looking for a great MMO racing 3D game to play online, Drift City may be the right choice for you. But be warned, this isn’t a game likely to be in the running for game of the year or anything. If you’re looking for a game that will knock you off your seat, you may not find it with Drift City. However, there are some good features that still make it an enjoyable game if you like racers and MMORPG action combined.

This is a 3D racing game set to play online with some MMO-like features to give you more customization. Drift City uses cell shaded graphics that appear quite poor but don’t put a strain on your system, either.
To play the game you will need to do an online registration process with GamesCampus and create a cartoony avatar for yourself.

Once you have done this, you can download the game and get started. One downside to the download is that it will come with many icons and it can be a struggle to find which one goes to the actual game. It’s a lot of clutter for one free game but if you like the game, you can always clean up the icons later.

There is a big anime feel to Drift City which will be apparent in your quest givers and even your own driver’s license icon. There is a minigame which will help you get started on how to actually play the game and after this tutorial, you will be ready to get started in your own cartoon car.

There are objects you can run into and while you can’t actually damage them, you can send them flying all over the place. There is a financial system just like any MMORPG but it is a bit basic. They also have a system which allows you to pay real life money for cool in-game stuff but it’s not required to play the game.


Drift CityDrift CityDrift CityDrift CityDrift CityDrift CityDrift CityDrift CityDrift CityDrift City
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