Dreamlords is a MMOG massively multiplayer real-time strategy (MMORTS) game set in a universe, developed by Lockpick Entertainment.

Publisher: LockPick Entertainment

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://www.dreamlords.com

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Dreamlords Game Review

Dreamlords is a little different from other MMOs when it comes to game design but the approach is one that works well for them. This popular MMORPG fantasy 3D game is rated T for “Teen” (12 years+) and features many exciting things to see and do.

It is what is often called “split-client” as it has aspects of an MMO and an RTS (real time strategy) game. This is sometimes called an MMORTS. This is a self published game from Lockpick Entertainment and focuses a lot of tactical moves more than strategy.

There is no building in Dreamlords and you are limited on what you can take into combat with you. The RTS battles are not simple, however and the tactical choices you make are very important to your outcome in the game. In fact, in Dreamlords, it’s much more about tactics than strategy like other RTSs.

There are additional RPG features like agro management and kiting of the AI (artificial intelligence) which come into play in the battles as well. Organization and great hand-eye coordination will help you fare well in this game. You will want to use your brain when it comes to playing Dreamlords and advancing in battles and production.

However, the game isn’t easy and it can pose a challenge to even those with experience in these types of games. This is what keeps it from being too simple and makes it fun for those playing it. If you want to check out a great fantasy action game with an MMO style to it, then Dreamlords may be just right for you.


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