Cross Fire

Cross Fire is a South Korean made tactical first-person shooter online PC game developed by South Korean FPS developing groups SmileGate and Neowiz.

Publisher: Z8Games

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website:

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Cross Fire: Free to Play First Person Shooter Action
If you’re a fan of (MMOFPS) online first person shooters and you want something great you can play for free, you will enjoy Cross Fire. Since it’s free to play MMO, you can give it a shot without any risk more than just your time. There are several military ranks which will help keep you interested as well as great GM support should you run into any problems.

There is a leader board which people love with first person shooters because you can see where you stand up against others. There is also a clan system so you can join a clan or create your own and recruit players of your choosing.

There are a wide variety of guns to choose from, making the game exciting and more interesting and giving you new challenges to experience. The graphics are decent but not on par with what you would get from a paid shooter. The sound is pretty more as well.

One downside to Cross Fire is that there are a lot of hackers who try to exploit the game and it can be difficult to gain experience and cash. However, once you get past these problems and get the hang of the game, it can be a lot of fun. It’s a great way to goof off and pass some time each day.

You have three character classes to choose from and a variety of guns to shoot with making it a great game. This is one of the best free to play MMO shooter games out there. There are some downsides in Cross Fire such as the poor graphics but all in all, you can’t complain about a free shooter like this. 
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