AdventureQuest is an online single-player RPG developed by Artix Entertainment in 2002.

Publisher: Artix Entertainment

Platform: Browser

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Adventure Quest MMO Game Review
When you’re looking for a great action MMORPG fighting game, AdventureQuest is where it’s at. This browser 2D fantasy game is one of the best RPGs available in the free to play genre. It’s great for adults as well as teens and pre-teens and there are many great features. While it is f2p, there is a paid upgrade called “Guardian” which can give you more features to the game. This is a one-time only upgrade so once you pay for Guardian, there are no additional fees.

This is a fully animated single player game from Artix Entertainment with plenty of action and adventures to keep you busy. When you play for free, you can participate in many quests within the World of Lore. You start off by creating your avatar the way you do in most any MMORPG.

You can choose from classes such as fighter, mage and rogue and you have the ability to customize your appearance. Each class that you have to choose from will have different skills and special features that make it unique.

There are many battle ready pets, weapons and even potions you can battle with and while the fight scenes are intense, there is no blood so it gets a better kid-friendly rating as far as the gore goes. As you get higher in level, the monsters you fight will get more intense.

If you prefer the offline, single player mode over the MMORPG scene, you can play this as well. This makes it a good choice for younger players too because parents don’t have to worry about the dangers of online interaction.

The graphics are simple, but nice for a free game and there is plenty to do as you level up in AdventureQuest. Since it has a free to play mode, you can try out this MMORPG today with no risk and no obligation.


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