4Story is an exciting and graphical free-to-play fantasy MMORPG game published by Zemi Interactive.

Publisher: Zemi Interactive

Platform: PC Windows

Official Website: http://www.global.4story.com

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4Story is a popular free to play MMORPG that you can download and play online with other people. It’s relatively short to download so you can get started creating your character and checking out the game right away. One thing that makes 4Story stand out from many similar games of this type online that are also free to play is that it has a great deal of history, mythology and back-story to it.

When you first begin, you will have three races to choose from: human, felines and fairies. Then when you have chosen a race, there are six classes to choose from as well. These include warriors, archers, night walkers, magicians, evocators, and priests. The class you choose will determine how you play the game and the types of spells and abilities you will have.

There are two basic aspects of the game play to 4Story. You can use quests to level up, earn gold, learn more about the MMOPRG game and even get special items as rewards that your character can use. Then you can also explore the world of 4Story and encounter other players and monsters throughout your travels.

You can join groups and guilds to help you play with other players and complete quests, defeat more difficult monsters and more. These social aspects are another thing that makes 4Story appealing to many people.

Now that you know more about 4Story, you can begin to check it out for yourself. Since it’s free to play MMORPG, you haven’t lost anything by trying it out for yourself. You can download it today, make yourself a character for free and check it out. 
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