New portal for the opensource MMORPG called Ryzom and the dev site Ryzom Core

 Hi! We are just starting up a portal for the opensource MMORPG called Ryzom, and the developer project Ryzom Core. If you are interested in learning more about Ryzo come take a look!

You can also post your MMO-related text links & 468x60 banners, for free!

Hope to see you there!

Ryzom City






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Monster MMORPG Version 2.0.4 Beta Deployed

Version 2.0.4 Beta Change Logs

* Blocked players page recoded:

* When you are PVPing, if enemy player miss to use a move for total 5 times, he/she will be automatically counted as defeated

* There are a bug at exp gain system. It was multplying isntead of stacking. So now you may see a bit exp decrease if you have expert leader
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MonsterMMORPG - Free Browser Based MMORPG For Pokemon Fans - V2 Started


A long time in development, Monster MMORPG V2 is here!


Looking for same game features and low cost

Anyone played crystal saga and experienced that its tokens are costly? I wish there was a F2p game with same features and low cost tokens.

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