From Farmer to King - Mail.Ru Games launches the open beta for Farm Kingdom


Mail.Ru Games, the publisher of internationally successful online mmo games such as Legend: Legacy of the Dragons, Allods Online and Juggernaut is launching the open test phase of the new online social game Farm Kingdom today. In addition to working their own farms, players tend their animals, pass the time until their harvest ripens by playing mini-games and help their friends to whip their gardens into shape.
"With its new features, Farm Kingdom brings a breath of fresh air to the social game genre and thus differs greatly from its competitors," says Alexander Goldybin, CEO of Mail.Ru Games GmbH. "We especially think the gameplay with several mini-games and its ever-present storyline around creating your very own online social Kingdom will inspire players."

Lots to do in a fairy tale online social game world.

What else is there to do after the maize is harvested, all the animals are fed and even the last tree has been felled? In the four Farm Kingdom mini-games players can cook meals, construct buildings, go fishing and dig for resources for all they're worth - all to receive terrific rewards.

Creative chefs can cook up a storm in the Farm Kingdom kitchen, preparing many wonderful dishes - from pancakes to goose soup. Anybody in search of a little relaxation after a stressful day at work in the real world can head straight to the fish pond. Big fish are jumping, just waiting to be caught! Remember, however: fish will only go for the right bait. Players with the blood of an architect running through their veins can turn their dreams into reality by constructing new buildings. From a new deck to a large pigsty, they can saw, build and hammer anything they like. Old-school arcade fans can indulge themselves by playing the mining game: searching for precious metals requires sleight of hand, good planning and strategy. Advancements in the game, such as helping out on  friends' farms, will be rewarded with additional gold coins and experience points. This makes both the online acquaintances and the players happy. To make your own farm stand out from the common crowd, there are many cute animals and exciting construction projects. Accessories like a huge barbeque grill or sun loungers give your territory a personal touch.

Anybody eager to discover the pleasures of the new online social gaming farm life will find enough space for their own farm and a whole bunch of new friends at

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