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Lineage 2
Lineage 2 MMORPG Game
In the search for an online 3D MMORPG that provides action, fantasy, battles and lots different activities you will more than likely stumble across Lineage 2. This game, despite the 2 in the title is actually a prequel to Lineage. This MMORPG fantasy game is set 150 years before its physical prequel Lineage. Live play and lots of action are what you can expect from this game. Expect hours of game play that feel as if only a few minutes have passed when you become immersed in the world of Lineage 2. In Lineage 2 the setting is a medieval virtual world with humans, elves and dark elves. There is magic, spells, weapons and many quests to undertake. Players choose to be either fighters or mystics when they create their character. Each race has different classes. Steeped in fantasy historical events and battles your character will battle different classes and creatures throughout the game. To accumulate experience and skill points a player must kill non-player character monsters or NPC’s. As a player earns experience points their level increases and facets of the character increase. The skill points are used to purchase the characters skills. Besides killing the NPC’s players must also battle each other and claim different places to defend on their quests. While this is an MMORPG and offers interaction with others, players can choose to play alone or as a group to kill NPC’s and complete quests. This means that if you aren't into the interactive portion of the game you don't have to participate and can simply complete your quests and make your journey alone. While the creators of Lineage 2 wanted to provide a large scale war strategy game, they also placed in some limitations to avoid random killing of other players. With siege warfare and a Karma system for unsanctioned killing, this game has many relevant social, political and economic aspects worked in to the fun. Lineage 2 lets players have a pet monster that can help with the completion of quests. Since these pets are not magic they aren’t bound by time limitations and cannot be dismissed by force. These pets are valuable allies and completely loyal to their players character. Online fantasy play in a virtual world where you build skills, battle and work with other players all over the world is what you will encounter in Lineage 2, the sequel prequel that has been extremely popular in the world of MMORPG games since its release in 2003.     
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Tales Runner
Tales Runner MMO Racing Game
Tales Runner is an exciting MMO 3D racing game that has a great deal to offer anyone who enjoys competing with other players in a cartoony environment. This sports racing game is similar to Mario Kart but it has other features that gives it a unique feel. It requires speed, flexibility and skill to master this game. After choosing your character you’ll be presented with a tutorial that is rather impressive. It covers all aspects of the game including the different game modes and options that are available to the players. For example, there are several game modes available which include the practice mode, single play mode, the time trial mode and the actual online play mode. There are also minigames that you can check out and four PvP modes. When playing the online mode you’re competing with other players and you have different styles that you can choose when in this mode. For instance, the baton mode involves teaming up with two other players and taking turns carrying the baton to the end of the race. The boss mode involves a giant boss chasing you and other players around the track. You lose if the boss catches you and this is truly a unique experience you won’t get with other racing games. Training missions can help you prepare for the actual game by teaching you the features you need to be familiar with such as, learning how to use the controls and it provides some information on the obstacles that you’ll face on the race course that include whirlpools and goblins. The social aspect of the game is huge and takes place within the town. Farming was added where you can raise pets and grow items as well. TP is the currency used in this game and you can use it to shop for accessories such as, clothes for your character and items that can increase your stats. Tales Runner is a fun, fast paced action MMO game that is great for boys and girls of all ages. If you like Mario Carts, it’s recommended that you give it a try. You may find it to be your next favorite game.    
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