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  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy released last month and was met was some great feedback from the community – despite getting complaints about being too hard. With the game getting good reviews, it’s not hard to believe that it did well in sales. The fan response to Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy has been tremendous with the title landing at number one worldwide in physical game sales, even though it was only on shelves for two days in June.We’re thrilled that there seems to be a whole lot of pe
    Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy outsold every game in June in 2 days, claims Activision

  • The Gambit movie has been through hell. We first heard about the Gambit movie in May 2014, after that it was delayed, and then it was set to start filming in March 2016. When asked for an update on the Gambit film at Comic-Con, Tatum clarified that the studio was rethinking the film. Apparently, Deadpool and Logan have given them a bit more leeway with what they could do in a Gambit film. “We’re not quite going there, because I enjoyed Gambit as a kid so I don’t want to rule out PG-13.”So, there
    Channing Tatum offers update on Gambit movie

  • In May 2013, Microsoft revealed the Xbox One and that director Steven Spielberg would be overseeing a Halo TV series. A Microsoft representative has confirmed that the series is still in development in a statement provided to AR12 Gaming. “Progress on the Halo Television Series continues. We want to ensure we’re doing this the right way together with a team of creative partners (Steven Spielberg and Showtime) that can help us build the best Halo series that fans expect and deserve. Looking at th
    Halo TV series is still alive, says Microsoft (again)

  • AMC has revealed the first official trailer for season eight of ‘The Walking Dead’, premiering this October. Fans have been clamoring for a taste of what’s to come for the future of the Ricktatorship on ‘The Walking Dead’ after the season seven finale. With the San Diego Comic Con well underway, AMC gave everyone the first official trailer for the thrilling start of season eight. Find out when ‘The Walking Dead’ returns this fall. The Walking Dead: season 8 premieres on AMC October 22nd!
    [Watch] SDCC 2017: Check out the first official trailer for 'The Walking Dead' season 8

  • Nickelodeon debuts the first clip from ‘Hey, Arnold! : The Jungle Movie’ entitled, ‘The Legend of Arnold’. Two of their classic 90’s animated series’ are buzzing thanks to the upcoming revival movies, ‘Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling’ and ‘Hey, Arnold! : The Jungle Movie’. Find out when ‘The Jungle Movie’ premieres this year!
    [Watch] SDCC 2017: Nickelodeon debuts 'The Legend of Arnold' from the upcoming 'Hey, Arnold!: The Jungle Movie'

  • 7月21日晚,对于张一山的粉丝无疑是值得期待的…因为张一山要进行游戏直播首秀…“余二哥”玩游戏确实少见…直播当天36万水友围观… 张一山游戏直播首秀
    张一山“指挥”骚男开黑 360000水友围观

  • Todd McFarlane reveals the new ‘Spawn’ reboot will be produced by horror studio, Blumhouse Productions. Todd McFarlane’s ‘Spawn’ movie reboot has been a topic of speculation for a while. Recently, McFarlane took to Facebook with Kevin Smith for a live announcement of what’s to come:SPAWN MOVIE ANNOUNCEMENT IS HERE PEOPLE!!!!! #spawnmovie Posted by Todd McFarlane on Friday, July 21, 2017Keeping in the spirit of a horror film over your typical superhero movie, McFarlane opted for Blumhouse Product
    SDCC 2017: Todd McFarlane confirms Blumhouse Productions will release the 'Spawn' reboot

  • Injustice 2 is packed with loads of DC characters but due to the extensive nature of the DC universe, the game didn’t launch with every single substantial DC character. Neatherrealm has been slowly trickling out other characters and next month, we’ll be getting the incredibly powerful Teen Titan, Starfire! You can see the pyro-centric character facing off against Damian Wayne’s Robin down below. We also get a brand new look at the Bizarro Superman which will likely be released alongside Starfire
    Here's your first look at Starfire and Bizarro in Injustice 2

  • Ghost Recon has almost always had a competitive PVP multiplayer mode but that was not the case with Wildlands when it launched. The mode will be available later this fall as a free update for people who own the game but before it launches, Ubisoft will be holding an open beta for the mode. The mode will serve as a tactical team deathmatch-like mode which sees players selecting classes/loadouts to battle it out in sections of Bolivia. “Our objective with Ghost War was to build upon the main game’
    [Watch] Ghost Recon Wildlands' PVP mode to get an open beta before launch

  • Since Fox owns the X-Men, they own a LOT of characters. Mutants are very much not welcomed in this world and a family of mutants who have learned of their abilities must attempt to survive any dangers that are thrown at them. The series stars Star Wars’ own Oscar Issacs and looks to be a promising superhero TV show. You can check out the all-new trailer down below. The Gifted will air on Fox on Monday, October 2nd.
    SDCC 2017: Fox's new X-Men show, The Gifted, gets an all-new trailer

  • Since 2015, Netflix and Marvel have been building up to the street-level version of The Avengers with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. All of the shows, with the exception of Iron Fist, have gotten very good responses and have given Netflix the confidence they needed to move forward with The Defenders. Next month, Netflix will release their vigilante team-up on their massive streaming service but to tide us over, they’ve given us a brand new look at what the show will give us.
    SDCC 2017: Worlds collide in new trailer for Netflix's The Defenders

  • 我今天再次警告那些正在看新闻的人,不管你是多么牛、多么有钱、有背景、有权力,也不管你多少岁、老的少的、男的女的,都给我听好了: 这两天有点热,注意休息,不要中暑。全家平安。 看到没?这位大兄弟被晒黑了一圈! 天热最怕生气上火,这两天洋葱心情就很糟糕,美剧《权力的游戏》第七季开始上映了,收视破纪录! 但是看到这样的新闻,洋葱却高兴不起来,反而很沮丧,感觉脑门上中了一箭。 扎脸了,老铁! HBO官方称:第七季“龙石岛”这集打败第六季最后一集
    洋葱新闻:权力的游戏首播1600万破收视纪录 唉!

  • 海克斯科技战利品限时销售,宝石兑换也开启限时半价,准备好买买买了吗! 亲爱的召唤师: 海克斯科技战利品限时销售, 稀有宝石产出概率在原基础上提升50%(掉率由20%提升至30%) 半价兑换所需宝石数: 半价兑换所需宝石数: 半价兑换所需宝石数:

  • Riot员工今日发帖回应符文免费化:这是一次赌博 今日,有Reddit网友发帖表示,他对于Riot决定不对已购符文页(通过RP/点券购买的符文页)进行补偿的决定表示失望(近期购买符文/符文页的玩家将得到IP/金币退款补偿,而玩家在新赛季将能够在比赛前编辑符文页)。对此,Riot员工Cactopus提出了以下几点: 2- 如果你在几个赛季前就购买了符文页,你已经比近期购买的玩家们更多地利用了它们带来的价值和好处。 3- 如鬼蟹此前所说,符

  • 今天Meddler又带来了他对于近期游戏玩法的想法,这次提到的内容涉及到符文、7.16版本的平衡等等。 今天Meddler又带来了他对于近期游戏玩法的想法,这次提到的内容涉及到符文、7.16版本的平衡等等。 我们刚刚开始着眼于7.16版本的平衡工作。由于7.15版本是一个相当大的补丁,所以接下来的版本可能更多地会以分析工作为主,评估一下我们应该哪些方面有所反应,而不是制作已经明确的问题。将会研究的内容包括: * * 目前没有平衡她的计划
    设计师预告:剑姬将增强 伊芙琳将重做

  • 在7.14版本的改动中,除了新英雄凯隐以外,皎月女神戴安娜也得到了一个小幅规模的改动。 这个改动得到了相当程度的重视。因为总体来说,这是一个相当强的改动。甚至由此引申出了双修流皎月,究竟是怎么回事呢?一起来看看吧。 首先,给大家说明一下皎月新旧版的主要区别和一些科普。 回蓝不能说非常高,不过结合皎月W蓝量降低,也基本能看出来,官方是 Q的冷却缩减也是一个道理,降低前期冷却,加速推线。 皎月的符文来说,比较通用的点法是红色攻速,黄色护甲和

  • 近日官方放出了一个全新的基石符文:血月杀!新符文可以为众多英雄带来持久的加速效果,还有可观的爆发伤害! 全新符文血月猎杀 疾跑加雷霆合二为一?
    全新符文血月猎杀 疾跑加雷霆合二为一?

  • SKT战队又双输了,很多玩家到感到非常的意外,毕竟作为世界最强战队,为什么会连续输给和自己实力差不多的队伍?对此,台湾网友又有话说了。一起来看看吧。 Znps : 花生上 wxes60711 : 8连败要来惹吗 ses31904 : skt今晚抓战犯 airbase : 花生又炸了 doom3 : 花生玩山猪怎炸成这样 tp950016 : 花生6分钟7CS是怎么回事 frank123ya : 6分钟8CS 我上我也行 Atwo : 你
    台湾网友热议SKT连跪 我们的牛肉面有毒

  • 作为曾经的世界第一战队,SKT最近的日子可是非常的不好过啊,前天的比赛SKT又输了,不过韩国网友也有好人的,前天比赛失败之后,韩国网友在网上给SKT打野花生打气。 虽然最后结果不怎么样,但能看到比赛全程都非常努力的你。 听说比赛结束后,你的表情不太好,哥挺心疼你的。 现在全队状态都低迷,不过也不要太着急。 缩小步伐,想着往前进半步,走半步是人生真理科科。 相信你很快会回到carry机器Peanut,加油吧小子。 快点恢复状态,展现你的气
    韩国网友友好一面 论坛网友留言打气花生

  • 作为MOBA最基础部分之一,补刀一直都是评价一个玩家的基本功好与坏的标准。今天介绍的这位选手虽然在LPL上单位置上表现不错,但是补刀,却似乎成为了他的短板。 但他在已结束的19局比赛中,只有4局比赛在20分钟时间点上补刀高于对位上单, 在JDG对阵IM的第三局,他在20分钟时使用纳尔补刀157,而Kabe的鳄鱼补刀为212,落后55刀为他本赛季20分钟最大落后补刀差。 AJ 20分钟领先补刀的四局为: AmazingJ 凯南 177刀
    IM战队成员分析: AJ前期补刀并不理想

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Overwatch could pull in up to $720 million per year, according to Morgan Stanley reportnews $100 million per year is probably more likely, but that's still nothing to sneeze at.

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The Secret World to relaunch as free-to-play Secret World Legends

Despite praising its "innovation, atmosphere and charm", Phil felt Funcom's The Secret World was hamstrung by its weak combat and genre-typical MMO padding in his 2012 review. Later that year the developer's then new CEO Ole Schreiner suggested it "definitely had the tools" for a free-to-play-styled Secret World, and now it appears this will be realised: The Secret World is relaunching as Secret World Legends this spring and will be free-to-play. And here's a teaser:Despite Phil's relative reser

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Get $99 worth of multiplayer games for $10 in the latest Humble Bundle

The latest Humble Bundle casts its money-saving, charity-supporting, game-gathering net over a range of local multiplayer games fit for bringing you and your mates closer together/driving you apart forever. From now through the next two weeks, the Humble Hooked on Multiplayer Bundle is live. Have a gander at Helldivers' PC release trailer:Beating the average price of this bundle will also land you Move or Die and the Rampage Knights soundtracks. You can always choose your own preferred charitabl

By | March 29th, 2017|companies|0 Comments

Figment is a beautiful isometric puzzler ‘set in the recesses of the human mind’

Billed as a "musical action-adventure set in the recesses of the human mind", Figment is the latest game from Bedtime Digital Games—a gorgeous hand-drawn isometric puzzle game with combat elements. Assuming control of Dusty—"the mind's former voice of courage"—it's your job to face your fears, do battle with nightmares as you explore fragments of the mind, and help restore the courage the mind has lost. Each scene unfolds against a score of animated music, each variation of which is said to be "

By | March 29th, 2017|companies|0 Comments

Will League of Legends ever conquer its support problem?

There’s just one problem: nobody wants to play support. Unfortunately, this is League of Legends, and nobody wants to play support. League of Legends offers a multitudes of ways to engage in the game, and no one wants to play support in any of them. In order to talk about the fact that nobody wants to play support, we’re going to have to ask ourselves why no one wants to play support. Autofill is one of those experiments: will people happily play support once in awhile if it means faster queues

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