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Savage MMO Shooter Game
Savage, The Battle for Newerth is a unique 3D MMO shooter fantasy game that takes place in the future after humans have went through major battles and are finally beginning to regain power. There are two fractions in this game called the Legion of Man and the Beast Horde. Without the technology the humans once possessed, they must live by gathering materials and hunting. The beasts are apelike creatures equipped with some intelligence who is the main enemy of the humans. They battle over possession of Newerth and both sides are equal when it comes to fighting so the conflict continues. You start by downloading the game and picking out a character name. Next, you join a server hosted by players where you're expected to fight and help your commander defeat the enemy. There is no tutorial in Savage, The Battle for Newerth so as soon as you choose your server and character you're ready for action. This MMO shooter game uses real-time strategy combined with role-playing methods to level up. You'll unlock new equipment to use as you move up in levels so it's important to advance. Mineral deposits are located in different spots on the large maps and part of the game will be fighting for control of them. The ore can be used for weapons upgrade and you can help collect it or defend other players while they do the collecting. You gain experience points by helping the commander and by killing the enemies and monsters. Players can also scout the territory and build or repair structures. The battles can last between thirty minutes to an hour and several players can be involved. The outcome of the battles partly depend on the commander in charge and the type of equipment you have. If you have a strong commander with good strategy plans and battle skills, you have a good chance of winning and advancing through the MMO game. The commander can also reward other players through promotions, which move them up in rank and by giving them gold. Both long ranged and melee weapons are used in this strategy fighting MMO game. The melee weapons are very powerful and used the most often. If you enjoy large scale battles and working with groups then you should thoroughly enjoy the action that Savage, The Battle for Newerth has to offer.  
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9Dragons Martial Arts MMORPG Game
9Dragons is an MMORPG Fantasy 3D game which is set in ancient China. You start out as a poor peasant and with training, you can become a master of the martial arts and fulfill your destiny. The recommended system requirements are not as high as many games of today so even those with older systems can enjoy it. You will need Pentium 4 or better for 9Dragons. You will also need a 3D rendering capable video card and at least 954MB of free disc space. One of the interesting things about the martial arts game 9Dragons is that there is not really any game on the market that you can compare it to. It’s a little bit like Hero Online in the sense that you use your hands and feet as weapons at least when you first start out. As you move up in martial arts and advance your character, you may learn to use other weapons as well. You don’t really get any armor but you will have what is called “clan clothes” as you advance and move through different clans. There are six available clans at the start of the game and they each have a task that you must complete to get into that clan. Some are harder than others so the one you choose will determine how hard your task is when you begin. At level 4 you can chose another clan and then at level 8 the opportunity to move up to another clan will come once more. Some of the clans are strictly for males and there are others that females can join as well. You will want to keep this in mind when you create your character and choose your sex. All in all, this is a good well rounded game. If you love fighters, this is a great one with a nice MMO theme to it. It’s free to play so you risk nothing by trying it out.   
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