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Risk Your Life 2
Risk Your Life 2 MMORPG Game
There are many free MMOs out there today but not all of them measure up when it comes to finding a great MMORPG game. Risk Your Life 2 (RYL2) MMORPG is well worth the time you will spend downloading and checking it out. Incomplete Union is the sequel to the already popular 3D fantasy, Risk Your Life. While the original was highly anticipated, it never completely lived up to its hype and expectations. Risk Your Life 2 MMORPG seeks to fill some of those voids that the original left such as the horrible controls that made it clumsy to play and the large need for grinding in order to level up. But the sequel, Risk Your Life 2 has sought to cure a lot of these complaints with the original so it's well worth checking out, especially for a free game. You can also find some great new additions in RYL2 such as new vehicles, siege equipment, easier leveling, and the ability to fight alongside the opposing race. There is a strong focus on PvP with a territory system in which players can benefit from various areas of the game world. You can even be voted as a lord over territories by the other players. This is a lot of fun, especially for those players who seek PvP aspects of the MMORPG game. Some of the key features of Risk Your Life 2 MMORPG are the improved graphics and the strong focus on PvP. It has less grinding than the original and leveling up is easier. You can own and manage areas in the game with the territory system and other players can vote you as a feudal lord. There is a skill system that allows you to evolve your character as you go instead of choosing one path in the beginning. You also have the option to change your class once you reach level 10. The game has vehicles that carry multiple players at once and siege equipment like battering rams and catapults. While this is not what most would call an elite MMORPG, it does have all the elements of a good basic game and it's a big improvement on the original. If you're looking for a quality PvP MMO, then this is a great choice for free games.  
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The Lord of the Rings Online
The Lord of The Rings Online MMORPG Game
The Lord of the Rings Online is an exciting MMORPG that follows the same storyline as the heroes and enemies you’ll encounter in the books and movies. Some of the heroes include Frodo, Aragorn and Gandalf and some of the enemies include Bellrog, Nazgul and the Witch King. As a player you’ll be traveling through Middle-Earth and the fate of the world lies on your shoulders. Your character will be helping out the heroes of the game and taking orders from several of them to complete your goals. There are four playable races found in The Lord of the Rings Online and they are Humans, Hobbits, Elves and Dwarves. There are several classes to choose from and these are listed below: Guardian – The guardian is the protector of the weak. They draw the enemy in their direction and then retaliate with a mighty force. Lore-master – The Lore-master uses his knowledge to ward off the shadow for awhile as he takes care of his companions and treats their wounds. Champion – The Champion is truly a master of arms and their main focus is to destroy the enemy and they have the ability to take down many foes at once. Captain – The Captain provides great leadership for his followers and inspires them to victory against their enemies. Hunter – The Hunter uses his arrows to cause great devastating form a distance. He also guides the heroes quickly through the forest and sets traps for the enemy. Rune-keeper – The Rune-keeper has the ability to inspire allies or devastate enemies through the power of words and writing. They can use their writings to restore morale or create massive destruction. Warden – The Warden’s job is to protect those you cannot protect themselves. Burglar – The burglar is a trickster that can weaken and cause great damage to his targets. He can strike from behind and pave the way for the rest of his companions to strike. Minstrel – The Minstrel brings hope to Middle-Earth and inspires the heroes while putting fear in the hearts of the enemy. This MMORPG provides the player with a variety of customization for the character and regardless of which race you choose, the action starts right away so be prepared. The Lord of the Rings Online has excellent graphics and a wonderful storyline. It’s a great game for anyone searching for fun and adventure.   
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